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I Want To Be A Cool Mom

I Want To Be A Cool Mom

I still want to be that; However, I'm realizing my cool factor is slowly diminishing. Just today, I was saying how I can't wait to be a speed walking mom with a fanny pack in the mall. Who am I? But, it does sound exhilarating. I mean...a fanny pack full of snacks?! Winning. I'm excited for the day when baby girl rolls her eyes at me and says "ugh! Mom!" Which, I'm sure when I show her every, single, Instagram picture, it'll speed up the process. Although, I view myself as cool, by the time she's older, these "cool" things will no longer be "cool". She'll be like - "Ugh, mom - you really went to college and did keg stands? You really drank wine while riding bikes on the beach? You really threw theme parties?" I mean, it seems pretty legit to me. To her - totally embarrassing. So, I'm embracing it and turning the coin on this Mother's Day and am going to call myself and own being - the "Today, Cool Mom". New phrase and I dig it. 

So embracing all the chaos, here is what being the Today, Cool Mom means to me:


1. Giving myself grace

2. Embracing the new normal

3. Giggling at every little thing that truly makes me laugh

4. Sharing my feelings

5. Leading by example 

6. Don't be too hard on myself

7. Being in the moment

8. Hugging often

9. Smiling more

10. Letting go - of all the stress and little things

11. Teaching her to love with her whole heart

12. Teaching her to be kind

13. Teaching her to be humble and grateful 

14. Teaching her a good work ethic

15. Teaching her to love who she is, all of it. Because - I made a perfect babe.


There are a million things that I want to do as a mom. There are also a million things I want to teach her. There are things I want her to experience and there are also things I don't want her to experience. But; what she will have, she will have grit, she will be full of personality and those things, are all things I love about her (plus like a billion more).

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there! We love you, you are killing it! 

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