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Hustle For That Muscle

Hustle For That Muscle

Ok - I know what I'm about to write is obnoxious AF; but, I've worked extremely hard to get to this point and I'm proud. However; my workout life didn't start this bougie, in fact, just the opposite. 

After college, I started gaining weight at a rapid pace, you might think to yourself, "hmm...why did you gain weight after college, that is when you're supposed to have your life together and look super fly." Nope. I graduated, moved back home and ate all the food; well, basically because I spent my allowance on booze and not food (sorry, mom!). So, I came home starving and ready to put on my winter reserves. Fast forward to an extra 30lbs and moving to NYC. I remember this vividly, I had a conversation with my mother and she was asking me about life in NYC and of course I was all like "life is so hard, I live in a tiny apartment and am broke..wah, wah" You know, being a super millennial. Then she goes; "you must be so skinny right now, with all that walking." I paused and was like "um...ya sure." Little did I know, a few weeks later I would walk into H&M to buy some sweet purple pants (I know, HA! - it was the "style" then, well I think so). I went into the dressing room and grabbed a few sizes, they were all tight. I went up 3 pants sizes and was supposed to be in the best shape of my life. I was in the worst. That moment, I made a drastic decision to change my life. 


I researched like a mad woman, reached out to friends and decided on the infamous, INSANITY! That was my JAM. Like, I was jumping up and down in my 400 square foot NYC apartment kind of stuff. It was awesome. I mixed in running, weights at the gym (with zero clue on what I was doing), I began going to SoulCycle. I began losing the weight, eating better, started running and my fitness journey began. I was hooked. 

So I started from the bottom and now I'm here...

Monday: Peloton (45 Minute Ride) 

Tuesday: Personal Training - 1 Hour (Elite Fitness of Atlanta)

Wednesday: Peloton (30 Minute Ride)

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Peloton (45 Minute Ride)

Saturday: Personal Training - 1 Hour (Elite Fitness of Atlanta)

Sunday: Peloton (30 Minute Ride) OR Rest Day (depends if I'm super sore)

If I'm unable to get in a workout with the trainer, because of work travel or just life getting in the way, I'll leverage some of the body weight workouts (Workout 1) and I'll also ask him to send me a few that I can bust out in the hotel gym, let me know if you're interested in seeing those. 


Of course, this changes from time to time, I may take more rest days, I may switch up the Peloton with a run outside. It really depends on how my body feels. If I travel for work, I'll try out a sweet new spot in whatever city I'm traveling to. But, I try to listen to my body and get 5-6 workouts in a week, with at least two weight (body or weights) and 3-4 cardio sessions a week. 

Please note: My personal training sessions are done in my dusty, smelly garage - but, I still get it done and it works!

I'm A Selfish Mom

I'm A Selfish Mom

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby...

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby...