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"Power is Not Given To You...You Have to Take It"

"Power is Not Given To You...You Have to Take It"

Quote by Beyonce Knowles Carter

Alas! We are so close to launching this wonderful blog series (i.e. tonight) and I'm so excited to share this to the world. 

Before I open up the flood gates I wanted to provide the "WHY" I wanted to do this.

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There have been so many amazing women in my life that have inspired me to want more, do more and enjoy things more. Every time I meet one of them, interacted with one them I learned something new, something I wanted to take into my life and implement. Its fascinating that the moment you stop talking and start listening, what you can learn and how your life will ultimately begin to change. What I've learned has been instrumental in my personal life, career life and mom life. So, why not share these amazingly inspiring women on my blog for the rest of my readers to benefit from. 

This is how it'll go; they were asked a series of questions (twenty-five) and these questions range from silly to professional, to personal. Only enough to help you understand their thought process and how they got where they are today, what motivated them, what drove them; etc, etc. 

Some of these women I've known forever, some only a few short weeks, some I met through friends who have inspired them and are now gracing me with their brilliance. 

So, on a bi-weekly cadence, I'm going to post Baby and a Biscuits, Influential Woman. 

I hope you enjoy this series and please feel free to share your feedback and submit any woman that has inspired you and why to my email: audra@babyandabiscuit.com



Influential Woman - Isa Andrews

Influential Woman - Isa Andrews

Airplane Pet Peeves

Airplane Pet Peeves