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Influential Woman - Ady Wright Meschke

Influential Woman - Ady Wright Meschke

Ya'll, I'm beyond thrilled that 1. Ady agreed to participate in my Influential Woman blog series (total woman crush) and 2. I'm even more excited to share this with you. I've been following her for a while now on Insta and I've loved every bit of it. She's a true rockstar. Not only does she have the blog Verbal Gold; she owns Zions Den Apparel. She is the ultimate badass and has such an amazing personality. I love watching her travels and her recap and views on life - pure joy and entertainment. All. The. Feels. She's a legit entrepreneur and rocking life in ATL. I've been featuring a lot of moms and I want everyone to know, you do not have to be a mom to be an Influential Woman. You have to be you. You have to have drive and kill the game, that's exactly what Ady is doing. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. 

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...This is why; Ady is this weeks - Most Influential Women

Name: Ady Wright Meschke

Profession: Entrepreneur // CEO of Zions Den Apparel + Founder & Editor in Chief of Verbal Gold Blog

1.     Who has inspired you in life and why? My high school marketing teacher was the most influential on me. At a young age he taught me to be an entrepreneur and everything I needed to know about marketing. My parents are super smart and they instilled some major lifelong values and characteristics that without I know I wouldn’t be successful. They are corporate to the core but they are still the best support system.

2.     What is one characteristic a person needs to succeed? I would say ambition. The drive to want to be successful. To not be content to be mediocre in life. Persistence and resilience are also top character traits one needs to hold. To keep moving forward, even when it’s tough. To never quit.

3.     What is always in your purse at all times? Typically I don’t carry a lot around with me. Usually it’s just my phone, wallet and keys.  I’d say a fan, haha. I always get so hot running around.


4.     What is your favorite phrase? Don’t follow where the path may lead, go instead and leave a trail. I’m also a huge fan of “Let it be.”

5.     What motivates you the most? Time. Working harder now to have more freedom in the future.

6.     What was your biggest hurdle you had to overcome? Hmm there have been a few. There are lots of hurdles. Educating people and clients about what you do. Getting no’s a ton. Working with the wrong people. Time management and self motivation.


7.     If you could meet one person either alive or deceased, who would it be and why? Probably Oprah or the Kardashian family. Because they’ve overcome a lot and are at the top of their game. That’s impressive.

8.     What is something that most people don’t know about you? I’m not sure. I share a lot of my life online and I’m an open book. Maybe that I’m an only child?

9.     What makes you laugh? A good rom com, roast, wild n out, or stand up.


10. Is it better to be perfect and late or good and on time? No one is perfect. Perfection is a hard thing to achieve and in the end it will only disappoint you. Being prompt and having a good first impression will last a lifetime.

11. What’s one accomplishment you are most proud of? I’m pretty proud of the awards and recognition but I’m most proud that I’ve been able to make a profession from being a travel blogger. An occupation that didn’t exist a few years ago. I left a job making $300,000 to pursue my dreams. That was a big jump so to be able to make it work, be successful, buy an athleisure company, and 2 houses as investments is beyond my wildest dreams. I’m not at the top of this mountain though, I’m just getting started, so I hope to continue to climb onwards and upwards.

12. What’s your favorite song? I have so many. People usually call me the human jukebox because I know the lyrics to every song.


13. What are you passionate about? My blog. I’m obsessed with it and seeing it grow.

14. What is your philosophy towards work? Work harder now to enjoy life and play harder later.

15. How do you define success? Happy, healthy, and stress free.


16. What does family mean to you? Everything. That’s why you do what you do.

17. What worries you, and why? Not being enough. The comparison game is the death of all creativity and confidence so I try to avoid it at all costs.

18. If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? Always do you. Ady’s Verbal Gold!

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