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Influential Women - Hannah and Ariel Redmond

Influential Women - Hannah and Ariel Redmond

Ya'll - this power duo is nothing short of amazing. Sisters on a mission to bring joy and happiness to the masses. It all started with a breakup and an unbreakable bond of sisterhood; they created an amazing company to share that joy to others around them. We connected on Instagram and I was immediately drawn to their vibrate passion for life and happiness, I knew these two boss ladies, would be perfect for my influential women series. They are badass, driven and I've been so lucky to get to know these ladies. Make sure to check out; their site to send a little love to someone in your life - Check it out here!  Also, use code BABYANDABISCUIT for 20% off! 

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...This is why; Hannah and Ariel, are this weeks - Most Influential Women

Quick Background: By Day, we work in advertising. I (Hannah) am a strategy director and my sister Ariel is a freelance creative director. By night, we’re Entrepreneurs and co-founders of HappyBoxStore.com, an online gifting platform that allows you to build-your-own care package in just a few clicks, with free shipping straight to your recipient’s door. www.happyboxstore.com

The company started when my sister was going through a breakup and I lived far away from her and couldn’t give her a hug – I couldn’t believe there was no easy way to build your own care package online, so we decided to build one.

1. Who has inspired you in life and why? Our parents. They are both entrepreneurial in their own way. We were brought up solving problems (that comes from our dad, a super smart engineer) and with the mentality that if you work hard enough, push hard enough, have an idea good enough, people will listen (that comes from our mom – an activist and documentary filmmaker).

2. What is one characteristic a person needs to succeed? Curiosity. You have to be open to learn and endlessly CURIOUS. Curiosity and being eager to listen and learn really allows people to find new ways to solve problems, and ultimately succeed.

3. What is always in your purse at all times? 

a. Hannah: Advil and Band-Aids; I’m injury prone.

b. Ariel: Hand Sanitized and my Computer

4. What is your favorite phrase? 

a. Hannah: Fail often so you can succeed sooner.

b. Ariel: “Lo que sera, sera” [what will be, will be]

5. What motivates you the most? 

a. Hannah: Being my own boss

b. Ariel: Being my own boss


6. What was your biggest hurdle you had to overcome? 

a. Hannah: Self confidence.

b. Ariel: Self doubt

7. Who do you want to be when you grow up? 

a. Hannah: Sara Blakely

b. Ariel: I want to be my own role model, an even more badass version of me.

8. If you could meet one person either alive or deceased, who would it be and why?

a. Hannah: Jeff Bezos. Would love to ask him so many questions about what it was like building Amazon, especially in the past few years with such insane growth.

b. Ariel: Hilary Clinton. I want to thank her for inspiring the next generation of female leaders.


9.  What is your favorite question to ask?

a. Hannah: How did you get where you are today? You learn so much about a person based on the choices they made and their journey.

b. Ariel: What’s your biggest fear? Or I also like asking men if they are feminists. That’s always fun.

10. Biggest piece of advice to a working mom?

a. We're both super excited to be parents. Our mom started her own indie film company so she could spend more time with us, take us to Karate practice, etc. So I think that helped frame up that we could be our own bosses. I think we both will remember when we have kids how much our mom was our biggest fan, cheerleader, and inspiration. She worked so hard to give us what we needed and always pushed us to be our absolute best self.

11. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

a.  Both: That we speak Spanish.

12. What makes you laugh?

a. Hannah: So many things! One time I saw a show with dancing horses in Mexico and I lost it laugh-crying for a good 30 min straight.

b. Ariel: Babies eating lemons. YouTube it.


13. Is it better to be perfect and late or good and on time?

a. Both: Perfect and late mostly, but depends on the situation.

14. What’s one accomplishment you are most proud of?

a. Hannah: Launching Happy Box and seeing how happy we make our customers.

b. Ariel: Quitting my corporate job to focus on Happy Box.

15. What’s your favorite song?

a. Hannah: Right now it’s Taylor Swift “Delicate”

b. Ariel: Jackson 5, “123”

16. What are you passionate about?

a. Hannah: Travel, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Happy Box

b. Ariel: Happy Box, Puppies, Travel

17. What is your philosophy towards work?

a. Hannah: Working smart and hard pays off.



18. How do you define success?

a. Hannah:  Success is innovating something and feeling a part of the change 

b. Ariel: Doing something you love, and not for the money.

19. What does family mean to you?

a. Both: Family is comfort, support and love. We’re so close as a family and love spending time together.

20. If you were an animated character, who would you be and why?

We answered for each other on this one!

a. Hannah: I think Ariel would be an Animaniac, crazy, smart and constantly coming up with ideas.

b. Ariel: Hannah would be the Brain. Plotting and planning all the time.

21. What worries you, and why?

a. Hannah: I worry too much and about everything. I need to get better at that!

b. Ariel: I’m not worried, I’m motivated.

22. Would you rather be respected or liked?

a. Hannah: Respected.

b. Ariel: Respected

23. If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

a. Hannah: “She was injured, but she was fierce”

b. Ariel: “Selling Happiness: A Memoir about Advertising”

24. What was your favorite job?

a. Both: Being co-founders of HappyBoxStore.com, obviously!




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