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Dirty Tree and a Third - Ireland

Dirty Tree and a Third - Ireland

Part two of a glorious 15 day trip. The title above is in reference to a lovely Irish man we met and said that his American friends want him to say "Thirty-Three and a Third", because it clearly comes up...Dirty Tree and a Third. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty humorous. 

This part of the trip was with my wonderful parents. They like to travel in a hands off approach, given an itinerary and see as much as humanly possible. No joke, like 6am wake up calls. We met them in Dublin and of course, quickly went to a pub, that next morning started our bus tour, yes - I said it...bus tour. All in all, it was a completely different travel experience, equally as fun - but, different. I love traveling with my parents. I never thought I would say that as an adult, but they bring a unique perspective to traveling and not to mention they are pretty funny. 

Scroll through the pictures, but don't forget my tips and highlights are at the bottom! 


Quick Highlights:

1. Dublin - super fun, but extremely touristy. Being there for one day, is good enough. Do a fun little pub crawl, go to the library, St Patrick's Catherdral, River Liffy and walk around. But, beware - every place is now a tourist trap.

2. Waterford - super cute little town, has some viking history which is always a blast. But, don't forget the amazing Waterford Crystal factory...always a crowd pleaser, well...with the ladies! 

3. Killarney - was my absolutely favorite. Cute, cute town. It has a great park where Roberto and I did a nice little run through, it has the best food, massages (side excursion). We did the Ring of Kerry, which was gorgeous! Highly recommend Killarney.

4. The Blarney Castle - This is definitely touristy, but an absolutely must. The castle and the grounds are beautiful and why not kiss the stone to see if it brings you the "gift of eloquence".  

4. Cliffs of Moher - YES, YES please. It was absolutely stunning. I recommend going there early in the morning when there are less people. By mid-morning to early afternoon. its swarming with tourists and takes away from the majestic-ness of it. Leaving the Cliffs of Moher, we traveled through The Burren, this is a limestone landscape right on the water that is stunning. Take a brief pitstop to snap some photos.

5. Galway - This place was an amazing little/big fisherman town. It had plenty to offer from food and shops. I came home with my very own squishy (sheep) rug. It's cobble stone streets weave in and out with all the shops/restaurants and makes it easy to navigate around. 

7. Tullamore Whiskey Distillery - Well, let's just say that Irish Whiskey is intense. I could barely take a sip of it. Most enjoyed it, but it was extremely intense to drink. However; the tour of the distillery, was fascinating and always a great experience to see how history takes a roll. 

8. We made a few additional excursions and had dinner at a medieval castle, where they sang, danced and performed a story-line, while we ate traditional medieval fare. It was definitely something that I recommend. We also, stayed the night in a castle. We all know from our Scotland trip, I'm all about staying in a castle! 

Also - traveling with your family always leads to the best stories, biggest laughs and forever memories. Do it. You won't regret it. 

Check out the link below for our trip itinerary and Collete Tours! 

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