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Review of K-DEER and Sprint Workout

Review of K-DEER and Sprint Workout

Let me start this off by sharing that I've been wearing Lululemon FOREVER. I've been obsessed with their workout gear, but in the last year, I've become bored and tired with them - so, as I started out my blog I was doing research and because we all know I work out a lot, I wanted to test out new gear and share my honest feedback with you. Along with that, I've included my quick in and out sprint workout. 

Molly Stripe - New at K-DEER

I always loved the stripped patterns for K-DEER, I've seen some of my workout buddies rocking them, but because I was so stuck on my Lulu, I didn't really want to venture away. So, when I started looking into it more and more, I thought, what the hell! They are the same cost as my Lulu leggings, why not try out the spicy stripes and run with it. But, at first I was panicked...will these vertical stripes make my butt look big? Well, I'm here to confirm - they do not. They are pretty flattering. Which, I know is a primary goal of mine when putting on workout pants. Well, and that they hold me in, which they do. They're super light, I would have to touch them a few times during my workout to make sure they were still there. You know, when I was busting out some jump squats, that they didn't magically disappear. However; oddly enough, they felt a little thicker than I expected. TMI for some, but you can definitely see the sweat marks in no so fun areas. But, I guess if you're getting a big booty kicking, it doesn't necessarily matter.  It does allow for great movement and I've noticed because the seam is "barely there" you won't have wear out when you have leg rub, or the spin motion constantly. Meaning, they will last longer. Win.


I absolutely love the varying options of patterns they have on their leggings, they also have matching mommy and me leggings, which I'm totally on board for when baby girl gets old enough to wear them. 

All in all - I was a big fan of these pants. I will steer away from wearing them in large group classes; mainly because, that aspect makes me self conscious. But, if you don't care...rock on! 


Sprint Workout 

On the Treadmill

2 Minute Warm up at light jogging pace (5 MPH)

1 Minute Sprint (8 MPH+)

2 Minute Speed Walking Pace (4 MPh)

(Repeat 10x)

2 Minute Cool Down at light jogging pace (5 MPH)

Total: 34 Minutes

You can always do a quick ab routine after; I'll usually do Sit ups, Bosu Ball Crunches, Planks and call it a day.


A Big Thank you to Whitfield Academy for allowing me to use their track and workout gear for this photoshoot/slash insane workout. 

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