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Mila's Birth Story

Mila's Birth Story

I love reading birth stories, a moment in time that changes everything for one family. A day that will forever be etched into their memories. This is my special moment, a day I'll never, ever, forget - a day that literally changed my life forever. 

As I discussed in my earlier post -> (The Good, The Bad, The Pregnant), my pregnancy wasn't easy. The first trimester was hell, the second trimester I felt unstoppable (for a short period), the third trimester is when everything changed.

Fast forward to being released from the hospital with baby still in belly...GO!

From that moment on we had to go to the doctor's office twice a week. Once we arrived at the office for the first time we were told..."You better have your hospital bag ready...you could be having this baby any day." Like, literally any day between 32 and 40 weeks. 8 weeks of pure torture. I was also placed on bed rest, I hated every second of bed rest. Looking back on it; I wish I was told to be on bed rest at week 1. I would sleep, take all the naps and eat all the ice cream. But, I was naive and had no idea what lack of sleep really meant. Such a newbie. 

They discovered that my placenta had died, its a natural progression for the placenta, but typically it doesn't start dying until 38 weeks. Mine decided to get a head start on the whole dying thing. That wasn't the only blow, Mila was measuring extremely small and I had lost a lot of fluid. I was panicked, sad and felt like I had failed my baby. 

While being poked and probed (which happens more than you could ever imagine possible during pregnancy) I realized that each of these appointments became more and more important, is she growing? Is she getting the nutrients? Ugh, I was stressed to all levels, but at the same time I had to tell myself to calm the eff down. I was told by the lovely doctor I mentioned on my earlier post..."you ready to have this baby?" This came at 39 weeks. I looked at him and said "ready as I'll ever be". 

That very next day, I called into the hospital and after some confusion and several games of phone tag, we were told to come in and that they have a bed for me. Oddly enough, I was extremely calm - I had been in pain for about 7 weeks and was ready to meet this nugget. I put makeup on, did my hair (getting all pretty for pictures. eye roll), we drove to the hospital, checked in and we were ushered to our room. A few nurses came in and started hooking me up to IV's, belly monitors; you know, all the sexy stuff. They asked my parents to leave and they started grilling me on questions. For example, "have you been exposed to anyone with any disease ever in your entire life" Um...what? I was terrified, like am I having a baby or becoming an American citizen?!? Either way, the midwife popped in and did her quick check and noticed I was already 5CM dilated. I looked at Roberto and gave him the "I told you so" look. I was in pain and clearly my body wanted this baby out. Next, they started pumping me with Pitocin. My contractions starting spiking more and I started feeling it..big time; but, clearly not big enough. The midwife popped back in about 3 hrs into the process and said..."girl, you don't look like you're getting ready to have a baby." What she did next...wow...I saw Jesus 3 times. She broke my water.

Initially when I walked into the hospital I said "when can I get an epidural?" They were like..."well, first you need to be in a hospital bed and then we can discuss." Listen, I bow down to all the ladies that can do it naturally. I am not a hero. Give me the epidural, please and thank you. Once I finally got into the hospital bed, they said I need to tell them about an hour before I think I really need it. Well, let me tell you something...when you're in the middle of pain and trying not to die, it's hard to remember what the hell you'll need in an hour. What I needed in that moment was a baby out of body... immediately. 


So, 5 hours into the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced in my life, I got the epidural. People tell you how its a game changer...when done correctly. I was so pumped for it. I would do it again if we have another babe. But. BUT. I had a hot spot. I literally felt everything on the left side of my body (I know, you'll say...why didn't you flip to lay on your left side? And I'll tell you, I was laying on my left side). I felt half of my labor and I'm pretty sure I was singing with the angels a few times. It hurt sooooo bad. At this point I'm 6 hrs into labor and the midwife comes in, checks me out and says, "lets scrub up, its time to push." I turned white and didn't expect this whole labor thing to happen so quickly. I was ready but not ready at the same time. There was no turning back. The best part, I look over at my mom and she is praying, but not like a quiet prayer...a prayer at the top of her lungs to the point where everyone stops what they are doing to watch her. HA!

I have to say throughout this entire day, Roberto stood by my side, holding my hand and stood for over 15 hours. I could not have done it without him. He was my rock...well, a slightly mortified rock. Regardless, he was there and I love him more for it. 


After that excitement happens, I began to push and push and push. 21 minutes later; we have a baby (I am beyond grateful I only pushed for 21 minutes). But a quiet baby. My mom is screaming "say something, Audra! Say something! She needs to hear your voice". Well, let's be honest...I'm in complete shock, the only thing that came out of my mouth was "Oh my gosh", but I guess she's heard that enough and realized it was me! She started screaming and they laid her on my chest for 30 minutes. It was the best, most odd 30 minutes of my life. It didn't seem like reality. After that, they take her off my chest to start cleaning her up. unbeknownst, to me, I gave birth to wolverine. She came, claws out. So, it took them 2 hrs to get me all back together, it took so long that my epidural started wearing off and I was like.."ya'll need to hurry this up because I'm starting to feel all the pain in the worst places". I was about 5 minutes away from a blood transfusion and had come down with a fever. Because, they didn't know exactly how long or when I got this fever, they had to put Mila on a 48 hour culture and 48 hours of antibiotics. I felt awful.

Because I was so sick, they kept us for an additional 3 hours in the labor and delivery room. At this point it's 1am and we are all beyond exhausted. We finally get wheeled into our recovery room and begin to feel the after affects of having a brand new baby. The beeping, the crying, the pooping, the eating, all of it. For the first 4 hours of the night/morning I had no idea what was up or down. I was in an extreme haze. The nurses in and out, flipping you, turning you, pinching you; you lose all your decency and just let it all happen. 

Because of my extreme blood loss I was placed on a high dosage of iron and had to be monitored any time I stood up or wanted to go anywhere. Case and point, the one time I convinced my mom that I could shower on my own - I fainted in the shower. This stuff, the stuff that happens at the hospital - is what women should talk about. Three days later, Mila's culture was cleared, she was healthy and we were released...at 1am (AGAIN!). Now, we are set to leave with a tiny human and confused parents...

All in all, we have a healthy mommy (that's me!) and baby. Daddy, is still recuperating...8 months later. 


Mila Elisa Rodriguez - Born: April 7th, 2017 - 7:31pm - 6lb 6oz - 21 inches long

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