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My Favorite Baby Products

My Favorite Baby Products

The below is a list of my favorite baby products, some tips and tricks I learned along the way and things that worked not so well. Every baby is different, every baby likes something different - so, this is what worked for us. I hope this is helpful to all the mommy-to-be's! 

Please note: all products are linked for quick access to purchase via Amazon

1. Dohm Sound Machine - Literally, a lifesaver. Some sleep training books want you to avoid a sound machine, but I've found this to be a lifesaver. Mila girl knows when this is turned on; its nap/bed time. We don't have to whisper when she's asleep and it provides a level of comfort for her. Its just white noise, but the best white noise. 

2. Rock-N-Play - This is something I've seen from literally every mom that I spoke with. They were far from wrong on their recommendation; we used it non stop. Mila lived in it, for ever. We even started her sleep training in that thing. The heavy duty one is the best; it rocks, plays music (which you won't need with the sound machine), and vibrates...babes love a good vibration. 

3. Boppy Pillow Lounger - Similar to the regular boppy, but it has no hole. Mila would lay in it next to me when I needed a little break or when she was sleeping non-stop. It was the best. 

4. Cloth Diapers - Ok, Ok - I know, not using this as a true and traditional diaper (but, if you want to...do it!) we used these as burp cloths. I received really fancy ones that clipped and did weird wrap around the body, I didn't get it. In this case, simple is best. We placed a few in baskets around the house and they were a lifesaver. 

5. Pet Spray - This is getting weird, right? NOPE! Listen, new babies poop everywhere, at all times and on everything. I didn't want all her clothes, my clothes and our couch to be stained forever. So, I used this pet spray that my best friend turned me onto when I kept spilling my wine. It works wonders! I use/used it on everything and it's saved everything.

6. Wipe Warmer - This is where I might get some push back and honestly, I was like...no way in hell am I buying a damn wipe warmer. My baby will deal with the cold wipes (which she does now). But, let me tell you...at 1am, 3am, 5am and so on...if your baby is screaming because the wipe is too cold on their tushy...you'll buy the wipe warmer. I needed at least one ounce of relief and this did it. So...here we are with a butt wipe warmer. 

7. Swaddles - I'm not talking about the traditional way to swaddle a baby, that shit is hard. I'm pretty sure each baby is a Houdini and breaks out of them and then cries because they want to be back in the womb. Every night, in 15 minute increments I would hear Mila scream and we would run over and reswaddle her, not to mention that I was terrified that it would suffocate her. So, I said...eff that - give me modern technology so I can sleep for 20 minutes. We used the first one which is linked above, then we transitioned her to The Love To Dream Swaddle, once she was ready to have her arms up, but still tight that her startle reflex wouldn't wake her. Then we've transitioned her to her current sleep sack, The Halo Sleep Sack - I like this one because it's like a cozy blanket; I zip it up, she knows its nap/bed time and then she keeps warm. 

8. Portable Breast Pump - I first went through my insurance and tried to cheap out (meaning I didn't have to pay extra for a portable one). That was dumb of me. Having the portable Breast Pump, let me have some freedom. I was able to wash bottles, sanitize bottles, laundry; etc. It was a game changer; especially because I was a cow every 2-2.5 hours. So, moral of the story, if your insurance supplies you with one, see if you can upgrade to a portable one (you might have to pay a little more for it - but its worth it. If not, register for this one).

9. Tummy Time Mat - To be honest here, I had ZERO clue what tummy time was and why it was important. After being reprimanded by my lovely pediatrician, we did Tummy Time like champs. I registered for one and knew it was something that was related to babies - but not to the extent that it was needed. If you haven't noticed I like simple, clean designs and the fact that everything I was looking at was waaaay too busy - I found the Skip Hop brand (which I LOVE).  

10. Munchkin Latch Bottles - This is were EVERY baby is different. Some bottles say they prevent colic, some say they resemble the breast best, so on and so on. Mila had/has really bad acid reflux and we found that the Munchkin Latch bottles helped best for that and it was easier for her to adapt to (wonderful recommendation by my friend!). These are supposed to help with Colic and resemble the breast best (but Mila wasn't breastfed) - but, it really depends on what the babe wants. I'll give a few recommendation about the bottle process below. 

11. Black out Shades - When we were doing sleep training it was important to first trick the baby and make her think it was night time, I didn't want to spend a fortune on true black out shades and we desperately needed them because her room has 3 large windows. These are easy to remove and stick to the shades. We put them behind her curtains so no one can really see them. They've worked like a charm and we are slowly starting to remove them since she knows when nap time and bed time is. However, after researching more, these look cool too -> Black Out Film

12. Activity Center - Again, as Mila girl has grown up - we needed more excitement for her and also a place where we could place her to get things done. The activity center is from the same company, Skip Hop and is the cutest! It's more pricy than some of the overly busy ones - but, this works for us and doesn't bother me being out in the middle of my house at all times. 

13. Baby Bath Tub - I liked how this one you could literally put anywhere. We first started in the sink and then we moved it to her own bath tub and placed it inside. This gave her a place to lounge and stay cozy in the tub. I like that there is a little plug to let all the water drain out and/or keep it in. It was also super light weight. 

14. City Select Stroller - This was a recommendation from a friend of mine. It's lightweight, easy to fold and pretty portable. I absolutely love it! The only issue I've seen is that the actual seat (and not the car seat) has to be taken off if you have a smaller sized vehicle. Other than that, it expands as your family does and is a smooth ride. 

Pro Tips:

1. Register for the bottle pack and One extra bottle. Do not open the bottle pack. To my earlier point, we registered for the Phillips Avent Bottles and while Mila drank from them, they caused a lot of gas. My friend let us borrow a few bottles that didn't work for her baby and those didn't work for Mila either. We then found the Munchkin Latch bottles from her as well and those worked like a charm. My point being, if you open the $50 starter pack, you can't return if it doesn't work for your babe.

2. You don't need a bottle warmer. Case and point, run hot water; fill a larger cup and then place the bottle in it. It saves you $100 and you can do it the old fashioned way. Also, you can get the babe used to luke warm or cold bottles and it might save you when you're out and about. 

3. 4 Moms Mommaroo, Mila hated this. I know it's a mom favorite, but Mila didn't like being in it and was fighting me every step of the way. We were out $300 and had an expensive chair sitting in our house. Don't open anything and/or throw out the boxes in case the babe doesn't like it. 

4. Don't register for Swaddle/Muslin blankets. Save yourself a registry item - people will always buy you them. Its a good filler gift. They are great to lay on the ground for them to play or lay - but, I honestly received 30 at my shower and only registered for one. 

5. Breathe. This is all overwhelming, but you'll get through it and you'll easily be able to create your own must have baby items that worked for you and your little family. 

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