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Airplane Pet Peeves

Airplane Pet Peeves

I received an overwhelmingly amount of comical responses to my Instagram stories talking about some of my pet peeves I have with people on airplanes. From that, stemmed this wonderful blog post. So, please enjoy the pet peeves that I have or my hilariously, annoyed friends and followers have provided. 

1. Do not fart on a plane, its rude, smelly and we're trapped in a box.

2. Do not get up and bolt to the front of the plane once we are at the gate; you need to understand the traffic flow.

3. Do not put your coat in the overhead bin until AFTER everyone has boarded. Listen to the flight attendants, PEOPLE!

4. Two girls on the red eye who think everyone on the flight wants so desperately to hear their conversation so they yell in valley girl voices while the rest of the flight is trying to sleep.

5. The guy who thinks its okay to have bare feet out when he hasn't seen a nail clipper in a century. Barf.

6. The lady that thinks painting her nails on the plane is a good idea.

 7. When people violently put their seat back.

8. When people "throw away" their boarding passes and take your seat. Like, am I not going to find out?

9. If you're in a window seat HOW do you think you're getting off before be in the aisle?

10. Do you really need your seat in full recline for a 3 hour flight? You just closed my laptop and knocked over my water bottle for a 2-inch recline. Rude. 

11. Loud eaters, why do you have to chomp so hard - this is a plane and it has an echo.

12. Just listen to the damn flight attendant. Don't fight it, just let it happen. You'll be back to "reality" soon enough.

13. People that have to get up an pee 100 times on a 5 minute flight.

14. No, we don't all need to board at once. You will make the flight since you're literally 5 steps from the gate. Chill bro.

15. You don't have to pound the touch screen. The name is "touch" not, pound screen. Gentle. 

I'm sure there are a million more. But these summarized a majority of them. Too funny! Also, if you're an offender of any of these...please stop. 


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