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Red Red Wine

Red Red Wine

Its no shock to you, my readers that I love wine. From my Instagram posts, my Facebook posts, text messages shared with friends; I'm upfront and honest...I love my wine. Becoming a mom has brought a new meaning to wine - it's become somewhat of my little piece of peace. 

Rewind to being 30 and pregnant; my best friend, as a wonderfully, thoughtful birthday gift - sent me a membership to Plonk Wine Club. She knew I missed wine and could not wait to indulge post baby. After doing much research, she found that Plonk Wine Club is rated one of 'The Best Wine Clubs in America'. She decided based on their top selections for red wine, this was the one.


I started receiving my shipment(s) and I could not have been more impressed. So, impressed that I decided to extend my membership...again and again. 

Every month I would receive 2 bottles of red wine, perfectly curated and delicious. It was like Christmas morning every month. There are several options to chose from; Mixed Wine, Red, White and they even get specific into Cabernet, Pinot and Sav Blanc; its beyond. They usually do seasonal offers; which, I recently purchased for my sister-in-law for Christmas; of two seasonal reds with chocolate...I mean...YUM! 

The customer service is one of the best I've ever experienced; Etty - the owner of the company is prompt with her responses and willing to help in any way possible. For instance, I had a shipment that was returned back to their warehouse due to me not being present to sign and she immediately sent it back out and it arrived shortly thereafter. She was literally fabulous! 


Each package comes with pairing cards and provides details around the flavors and aromas you'll experience during each wine (I'm far from a wine expert); but I do know what tastes good and to be honest...I only had one wine out of the year I've had this membership, that I haven't enjoyed. That being said, I told Etty and you know what she did...uh huh! REPLACED IT! Talk about that customer service, 5-Star rating. 


The only down side, is that you have to be present to sign for the wine. For me, I would have to wait around for Fedex to come and hope I did not have to be out of the house for when they arrived. The best thing to do for this is that you either sign up for the Fedex alerts and/or ship it to your office location (luckily, the box does not have WINE plastered all over it so you won't look like a lush). 


This wine club is 100% worth the money and I have found new wines that I now purchase either through their site or try and find through a local wine store (if I need it quick). I highly recommend it for moms, women, men, teachers, adults, life coaches, accountants...Really, anyone and everyone. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Check out their January 2018 Red Wines

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