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Standing Out In Sales with Greetabl

Standing Out In Sales with Greetabl

Thank you Greetabl, for the sweet gift and idea to help me propel my business further. 

Ever struggle to find a way to stand out as a sales person? Yea, I did too. It was non-stop sending emails, calling, LinkedIn Messaging, the standard gifts of your company swag, random invites to drinks and pretending you're in town so they feel obligated to take the meeting. I've done it all. Fun fact: recently I adopted a Giraffe for a prospect thinking that it would get response. It didn't. You know what has been getting my clients attention? Greetabl. That's right, a cute little box filled with something meaningful to ignite an email back, a phone call, or the ultimate goal; the meeting. This has worked for me on the past 5 prospects out of the last 7, I've sent them to. Not only, does it help you stand out from the above mentioned "typical" outreaches, it shows you care; you took time to personalize something for them. People love when you think of them. Don't you?

There are two ways you can go about sending this to a prospect/client. There is the one-off approach, where you go in and select the box style, gift and send. Then, there is the Business Gifts route; this is an annual commit, with a certain dollar amount per box. They customize the box with your companies logo and message. You can even send them an excel and they can do all the work! Magic. I'm currently in talks with our Marketing Team to do the latter. However; in the meantime, I've been doing the former. Here; its easy. I'll walk you through it. 

Step 1:  Greetabl.com (Hey! I know, its a no brainer, but sometimes you just need some help.) 

Step 2: Create One, top left hand corner. Select your box design (they have so many fun and unique designs, sometimes it's hard to select one!)

Step 3: Select your gift (if this is for a prospect and/or client, I would do some digging on what they really like, try to customize as much as possible). Gifts range from $3 - $30 

Step 4: Sometimes the gift you select is small and you can add another gift, they will display the options you can chose from. 

Step 5: Click Next, then you get to do the fun stuff, these boxes unfold and offer you the option to add pictures and text to make it even more relatable. Think of a funny or unique saying that will help you stand out (not, how ABC company will help XYZ company grow, thats lame). After you're done, make sure to check your spelling and pictures (and check the boxes).

Step 6: Then review, add to bag and purchase! 

It's as easy as pie. 

If you're interested in the Business Gift Option, shoot me an email and I can connect you with their Business Development lead. 

I also want to add a disclaimer, I cannot guarantee results, I'm purely sharing my success and feedback and hope you the same success. Because winning is the best. 

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