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Things I'm Loving at World Market

Things I'm Loving at World Market

Ya’ll I have found a new love for World Market. It’s the best for all things gifts and home. I can literally spend as much time there as I do at Target…and well, we all know that can be a while.

I thought I would compile a list of things I’m loving from Holiday, Home and of course, food. Please send me a message if you have any questions at audra@babyandabiscuit.com or slide into my DM’s @audra_elise

World Market Co..jpg
  1. Green Couch .- Currently scoping out my decor plans and seeing how I can fit this gem in. Its gorgeous and super comfy.

  2. Scones - I’ve been buying these nonstop every time I got to World Market. I have not been disappointed with a flavor yet. My favorites: Lemon Poppyseed, Pumpkin, Chocolate Mint.

  3. Marble Coffee/Tea Cups - I mean, how adorable are these? Currently in my cup rotation.

  4. Marble Tea Kettle - Ok, who doesn’t love a good matching set?

  5. Banana Wine Stopper - The picture sells it. Need it and love it.

  6. White Cow Hide - Currently waiting for this to come in. This is going to be in my office and holy moly, I’m so excited about it. I ordered the 5x6 version. WOO!

  7. Champagne Wine Straws - Perfect gift compliment with a fancy bottle of champs.

  8. Pouf - I’ve been tossing these gems all around my house, baby girls playroom. They are durable and super cute!

  9. Cuban Coffee Maker - Well, I’m Cuban and this is the jam jam. I actually think it’s just called a Expresso Maker, but I’ve rebranded it.

  10. Marble Gold Pedal Stand - These is a perfect gift for the wine and cheese lover. Add a nice bottle of wine and my number 11 item and bam - perfect hostess/wine and cheese lover gift. There are two, so you can order both, or just one!

  11. Cheese Knives - I mean, they look like cheese! Do you need any other reason to buy them? Perfect little gift for the above person, or on its own.

  12. Wine Box - A unique way to gift a nice bottle of wine/champs. Different than the typical bag and it’ll stand out a bit more.

World Market Holiday.jpg
  1. Retro Holiday Plates - Obsessed is an understatement. I always wanted some fun holiday plates and when I stumbled upon these, my heart melted. Note: these are for desserts, so you’d need to pair them with something else. (pictured above with some pecan pie).

  2. Retro Holiday Cups - Cute little addition to the retro fam. These would be cute for a Christmas breakfast/brunch.

  3. Gold Serving Set - Into gold for holidays. This set is the perfect addition.

  4. Bubble Glassware - Adorable for entertaining and keeping with the retro/gold theme.

  5. Woodland Nutcrackers - Love a good nutcracker, these ones are a new little edition to my Christmas decor

  6. Gingerbread Man Kit - Making this, this weekend with baby girl. I’m so excited! You literally, pull the gingerbread man out, the frosting and all the fixings are already there. Easy peasy, but not lacking on the fun.

One and Done

One and Done

I'm A Legit Mess

I'm A Legit Mess