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Thing's I Said I'd Never Do As a Mom...

Thing's I Said I'd Never Do As a Mom...

Well, here we are. Seems fitting that at 17 months of being a new mom I'm writing this post. Why? well, I've finally come to my senses that I'm like the mug that says "World's Okayst Mom". You know what? I'm totally fine with that. Why? Because baby girl doesn't know any better and I'm the mom I need to be for her. Plus, she's killing the baby game; so, I must be doing something right, right?

So, without further ado; here’s a list of things I said I'd never do as a mom, that I in fact, do now. 

1. Mac-n-Cheese - Yup, out of food? Serve it up. Lazy to cook? Boil that water. 

2. Television - Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog. Does it help her zone out for .2 seconds, yes? Sign me up.

3. Buy everything and anything Minnie Mouse - growing up in Orlando, I was always surrounded by it. Don’t get me wrong - I love Disney. But, didn’t foresee myself becoming obsessed with it for baby girl. Well, I’m wrong. She now owns shirts, stuffed animals, shoes, toys. All of it. Minnie.  


4. Make her love me more - Yes, I tell her that I should be her favorite person in the world. Yes, love your daddy - but, love me more. I know, this is a weird one, But I like it and we’re going with it.

5. Yell - Well, if you're following on Instagram (if not, how do you even live? Kidding -> @audra_elise), you know that baby girl broke me and I screamed "NO" when she did a series of things that shook me. So, she freaked and I felt bad. But, hey! Did we die? Nope

6. Hover - Yea, yea…I said it. I hover. But it’s only because I don’t want her to get hurt, fall down, eat something weird, breathe the wrong way, laugh without me hearing it, cry and not know why, dance and not be able to dance with her (because, who doesn’t love dancing with a baby?). I mean - I can’t help it. But, I’m not psycho…but maybe I am.


7. Cry it out - If you’ve been following along, you know that we did sleep training with Moms on Call, but I never thought I’d be able to do it. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts…but so does functioning on no sleep.

8. Guilt Toys - A new phrase I coined. I basically buy her toys when I’m about to go on a work trip, when I come back…she gets toys. I mean, I just walked through my garage and tripped over all the large plastic toys and said “there has to be a support group for this”


9. Sweets - I haven’t really broken down completely on this. But, I said I’d never get her hooked on sweets, or really give her any. But, when the Publix bakery guy hands her a chocolate chip cookie and its all over her face - I can’t say no. Just can’t. I’m weak.


10. Talk about her - Ok, what I said was “I’m not going to make my entire life conversations with other people all about baby girl”. This still holds true. I feel like I do offer a lot more to a conversation than all about my daughter. But, I will say it does dominate more of my conversations than I ever thought would happen. But, I mean…who could blame me…she’s a badass baby, you wouldn’t stop either if she was your babe.

My list could go on and on and on…and quite frankly this list could dramatically change the second after you read it. But, I think to the core - this is a nice little list of “I told you so’s”. Those “I told you so’s, came from my family and friends, so here…eat it up. You win. But, we all have them. We all laugh about it when other parents tell us these same things, because we know…its all about survival.

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