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Traveling With A Baby? Please Send Help!

Traveling With A Baby? Please Send Help!

Prior to having a baby, Roberto and I would travel all the time; personally and professionally. We knew when we had a baby that it would change; but, we wanted to make sure we kept up with traveling for the sake of sanity, joy and to expose Mila to the wonderful world we all live in. Through a lot of trial and error, we found a few products that make our lives a bit easier when traveling. There are 13 products and some Pro Tips below.

I hope the below information helps if you plan on traveling with a baby and if you have your own products that have helped you; please share in the comments section! Would love to hear.

1. Mommy's Little Helper Inflatable Tub -  I'm insane about a bedtime routine; the bath is no different. Mila has her bath every day at 6:30pm, when traveling I didn't want to put her little cuteness in the dirty hotel bathtub. So, I found an amazing inflatable tub that you can easily deflate, pack in the suitcase and then take out, blow up and enjoy! It's sturdy, easy to blow up (meaning you won't pass out after getting it inflated). 

2. Inflatable Bath Toys -  In order to keep some normalcy for Mila during her routine, I bring a few of her bath toys; she loves to play with them and it entertains her during her 20 minute bath. Pro Tip: only use a few at a time, these will keep them occupied and then when they get bored you can toss in the other ones and they will be entertains for days (or hours, it depends). Also, the whole mold thing, these guys will last longer the more you stretch their use. 


3. Baby Bath Towels - I don't want to use hotel bath towels; so I have a "travel towel" for Mila that we pack into the suitcase when we leave town. Simple and easy to pack; I'll usually pack 2 for every 4 days we are gone. 

4. Washcloths -  Same as the above; but I'll pack a washcloth for every day that we are gone. 

5. Travel Bottle Drying Rack - This Boon drying rack is AMAZING! It folds up into a somewhat compact container. It has everything you need to scrub and dry your bottles and easily fits in a suitcase. I love this thing.

6. Travel Bottle Soap - Now, you need the soap to wash your bottles - but, you don't want to carry that large bottle around, well, well - I use this travel sized soap and its perfect. I've been on 3 trips with Mila and have only used one of the travel sized soaps (it comes in a pack of three). 

7. Dreft Laundry Travel Packs - We are all familiar with the wonderful baby blow outs, or the throw ups, at home its easy to run it under water to rinse it or quickly throw it into the washing machine; but, what do you do when that happens when you travel? AH HA! You can use these travel packs, they are good for one use. I would fill up the sink with warm water (after rinsing it off) and then soak it and then hang dry. Extremely useful and life saving (for your nose). 

8. Honest Overnight Diapers - You might say..."What? Why would I need these for traveling?" Well, let me tell you - these diapers are my JAM. I tried to cheap out when Mila started sleeping through the night and that was a total mom fail. These diapers keep everything in. Like, all the grossness. So, in order to save ourselves from a massive accident on the plane and having to use a tiny bathroom, to awkwardly lay your/my baby on the toilette, we use these when we travel on the plane. I'll slather on the Butt Paste and then put this on before we get on the plane. It's done wonders. I linked to a size 3, but there are other size options on Amazon if your baby is in larger sizes. 

9. Footed Pajama's - I like to put Mila in a pair of footed PJ's for 2 reasons: 1. Its always super cold on the plane and she likes to take her socks off, and 2. It's easy to take on and off if there is an emergency and I'm not fumbling around with multiple pieces. I always bring a second option in the diaper bag just in case. 

10. New Toys -  I order a few toys and hide them from her until we travel. Then if she becomes crazy; I'll pull them out and she'll be in shock for a good 10-15 minutes. That buys some time and some sanity. I make sure that I don't pull out all the new toys, because we still have to fly home and you'll need those tricks to make it home without crying yourself. I like to get toys that don't make too much noise to not disturb our friendly neighbors, but if someone says something about a little jingle, politely ask them if they would like a screaming baby or a lullaby - dealers choice. A few additional toys linked here: Toy 1 - Toy 2 - Toy 3

11. Travel Noise Machine - I cannot live without the sound machine. The thought of lugging around our Dohm Sound Machine was not appealing. We did a little trial and error and found this amazing sound machine. Its loud, soothing and portable. We always clip it onto her travel pack-n-play and it works wonders. 

12. Travel Pack-N-Play - Lightweight, portable and easy to lug around at the airport and/or car. It's not your standard pack-n-play; as its a lot more compact, but your baby will still fit in it comfortably. Also, uses standard Pack-N-Play sheets. 

13. Sleep Sack - In order to make Mila feel like she's at home, I make sure to pack her sleep sack so she can get as good of a nap/nighttime sleep as possible. 

Pro Tips:

1. Breathe, if your baby looses his or her mind on the plane...who cares. Its a baby. Will someone be annoyed...probably. But, they are probably unhappy to begin with. 

2. There are so many things that can go right and so many things that can go wrong, relax. It's only a few days out of the year. Everything will be ok. 

3. I try to bring as much from home as possible to keep her in a routine (I'm a huge routine freak). Sometime's she plays with her stuffed animals before bedtime, so I'll bring one. I bring teethers from home, bibs; etc. I know I might be over doing it - but, her happiness keeps me sane. 

4. The altitude doesn't bother Mila on flights. I was worried that her feeding schedule would be ruined if I had to do a bottle on the way up and bottle on the way down for a short flight. I try to time our flight(s) out with her first bottle (7am) and then will get that bottle ready with a slower flow nipple with water (I use a nipple size down when we fly for her bottles; example - she uses a size 3 normally; so, on the plane I use her size 2). It takes longer for her to drink, so less time to fuss, and gives the plane time to get to cruising altitude. On the way down, I always wait to see how it'll effect her; if she starts fussing then I'll give her the water and see what happens. 

5. Curb Side Check in. Its worth the tipping money. You don't have to lug everything inside and wait in line, they grab it and do it for you.

6. Wine. When you land, wine. 

Happy and Safe Traveling! Good Luck - you got this!

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