Wanna Get the Workout Location Details?



There are 5 locations:

  • Chelsea -

         18th Street Subway Station (1 Train): 3 min (0.2 miles) walk to location

         23th Street Subway Station (1 Train): 5 min (0.3 miles) walk to location

  • Noho - 

    Astor Place Subway Station (6 Train): 2 min (0.1 miles) walk to location  

    8th Street-NYU Subway Station (R,W Trains): 4 min (0.2 miles) walk to location NYU

    Broadway-Lafayette St Subway Station(B,D,F,M Trains): 5min(0.3 miles) walk to location

  • Park Ave South - 

    28th Street Subway Station (6 Train): 1 min (302ft) walk to location

    23rd Street Subway Station (6 Train): 4 min (0.2miles) walk to location

    23rd Street Subway Station (R,W Trains): 6 min (0.3 miles) walk to location

  • Tribeca - 

    Canal Street Subway Station (A,C,E Trains): 1 min (180 ft) walk to location

    Canal Street Subway Station (N,Q,R,W Trains): 5 min (0.3mile) walk to location

    Canal Street Subway Station (1 Train): 2 min (0.1 mile) walk to location

    Franklin Street Subway Station (1 Train): 3 min (0.2 mile) walk to location

    Chamber Street Subway Station (1,2,3 Trains): 10 min (0.5 mile) walk to location

  • UES -

    Lexington Ave-63rd Street Subway Station (F,Q Trains): 6min (0.3 mile) walk to location

    59th Street Lexington Ave Subway Station (4,5,6 Trains): 9 min (0.4 miles) walk to location


There are 14 locations; for the sake of an extremely long post (or click here to see them all), I'll provide my 2 favorite studios:

  • East 83rd Street - My old stomping grounds. Take the 6 Train to 86th Street, head East to 3rd Ave and then South to 83rd, you'll see the clean, white studio up a little.

larger studio than in lower manhattan, has showers/locker room. Right next to this studio (North, right before 84th street) is a Juice Generation, you can get all the healthy, nutritious shakes, smoothes, juice; etc. (My go to: PKO Protein Knockout). If you have time after class, there are a ton of great shops and restaurants around the area as well. 

  • Soho - My girls and I would always catch up here after work, get a good ride in and then walk down the street to get a smoothie. Some of my best memories in NYC (odd, I know.). You can take the 6 Train to the Spring Street Station, head West (against traffic) on Spring Street, Turn left (going South) on Crosby, it'll be on your left hand side, If you've hit Broome St, you've gone too far. You can also take the R train to the Prince Street Station; head East (against traffic on Prince St), take a right on Crosby and head straight down. If you've hit Broome Street, you've gone too far. 

After class, as mentioned, we would walk to Equinox (Ahh! Not another workout!). They have a Juice Generation (order above) inside the gym, with a small section of tables. Great place to catch up and relax. But, if you want...grab the smoothie and go shopping, I mean, you are in Soho.  Equinox is on Crosby Street. Come out of SoulCycle, turn right and head north until you see it on the left hand corner. 


There are 8 locations in NYC - they have locations based in Brooklyn, Westchester, NJ, Roslyn, Philly, and Boston. But linking the NYC locations -> here

  • I've been to the Flatiron location and loved it. It was actually pretty spacious inside the studio, not what I was expecting once I arrived at the building. Pro tip: don't wait for the elavator (like me) it's literally only one flight of stairs up and you're right in the location. 
    • There are a few things you can do depending on when you take class. You can hop out of class and go shopping off of 5th Ave (personal favorite of mine) or you can grab a quick bite to eat; options below:
      • ABC Kitchen - DELICIOUS and the decor...ahh! All the feels
      • Rosa Mexicano - a little more commercial Mexican, but still yummy and they obviously have, guac. 
      • Boqueria - They have several locations and it's tapas style and tasty. 
      • Craft - I haven't been here yet and want to. I'm going to try and go during my next work trip, but hear it's a good one! Let me know if you've been an what you think


Sites to see along the way...

  • Statue of Liberty
  • High Line
  • Freedom Tower
  • Chelsea Piers
  • Hudson River

There is plenty to see and eat along the path, it really depends on how far you go and what you want to do. I view this as a fun run and not so much as a training session. Enjoy it!